Wound Care in Santa Ana, CA

Leg Ulcer Treatment & Wound Care in Santa Ana, CA

Be proactive about the health of your legs if you have vein problems such as varicose veins. To promote healing, The Vein Place provides leg ulcer treatment and wound care in Santa Ana, CA. If you have leg ulcers, we offer treatment to eliminate the condition and improve the overall health of your legs. Contact us to learn more.

Wound Care

Varicose veins that open and become a wound require special care so that they will heal. Although the ultimate treatment for these types of wounds is the EVLT treatment, your legs need to be healed before we can perform the procedure.

Leg Ulcer Treatment

A damaged vein can sometimes lead to the development of leg ulcers. If you're suffering from this condition, we correct it with leg ulcer treatment.

Leg Ulcer Treatment  in Santa Ana, CA